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Thank you very much to those who helped me push through while getting things set up to keep aho affordable.  For now.  The last few payments no longer feel like a punch in the gut, and with ads it looks like future payments will be plenty affordable.  And I might be able to take the time I need to start developing the aho I originally dreamed of soon too :)

Title Blog/Tags
The King’s Avatar Chapter 355 Gravity
The King's Avatar
Renegade Immortal Chapter 104 Wuxiaworld
Renegade Immortal
The Nine Cauldrons Chapter 130 Gravity
The Nine Cauldrons
New DE Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 19 Wuxiaworld
Desolate Era
CCM 304 Taffy Translation
TTNH Chapter 196 – Tormenting Tie Bu Tian Transcending the Nine Heavens
Transcending The Nine Heavens
Schedule of the Week — Summer Edition pirateyoshi
Ancient Godly Monarch: Chapter 59 Gravity
Ancient Godly Monarch
☯ ISSTH Chapter 678 ☯ Wuxiaworld
I Shall Seal the Heavens, Chinese, er gen, guaranteed chapter, hello, ISSTH, learning Chinese, ni hao, nihao, xianxia, 你好
MW Chapter 230 Gravity
Martial World
Together Forever (至此终年) — Chapter 19.1 Hui3r
Together Forever, C-novel, 至此终年, Mo Bao Fei Bao, Translation
Chaotic Sword God Chapter 470 Gravity
Chaotic Sword God
Immortal Executioner Chapter 78 Weletranslation
Romance of Dragons and Snakes Chapter 94 QualiTea Translations
Romance of Dragons and Snakes
RMJI Chapter 110 Gravity
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
Start again tomorrow! Chronon Translations
Zui Wu Dao. Finale? Grow with Me
wuxia, Chinese Novel, Martial Arts, novel translation, zui wu dao
Grassland Chapter 24 Machine Sliced Bread
Grassland TL, Web Novel Translation
CCM 303 Taffy Translation
LLS Chapter 251 – Pervert VS Pervert, You can’t talk me out of killing you Shiroyukineko Translations
Long Live Summons!
Grassland Chapter 23 Machine Sliced Bread
Grassland TL, Web Novel Translation
GOR Chapter 70 Wuxiaworld
Gate of Revelation
Great Demon King Chapter 109 Volare Translations
Great Demon King
DOP Chapter 341 – Blue Sensations (9) Shiroyukineko Translations
Descent of the Phoenix: 13 Year Old Princess Consort
修真世界 World of Cultivation Chaper Two Hundred and Fifty Five “New Sky Glass Wave” Dreams of Jianghu
Novel Translations, WC, Pu, Zuo Mo
CCM 302 Taffy Translation
True Martial World Chapter 435 Gravity
True Martial World
My Daoist Life – Chapter 25 & 26 voidtranslations
My Daoist Life
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-36 Sousetsuka
Desumachi, Web Novel
[SYWZ] 340 TotoTrans
Riot Grasper | Vol. 2, Ch. 7 | The Final Outcome | Pt. 2 Raising the Dead
Riot Grasper
AkaHoshi Prologue Kiriko Translations
AkaHoshi, Announcement, Translation, Web Novel
Heaven Awakening Path Ch-41 Weletranslation
Sevens: Determination Yoraikun
Reincarnated Princess – Chapter 3 Shinsori Translations
Princess, Japanese, Novel, Translation
Ancient Godly Monarch: Chapter 58 Gravity
Ancient Godly Monarch
Chapter 112 is ready! omgitsaray translations
9HTM, xianxia
Altina the Sword Princess Volume 7 Chapter 4 Skythewood
Altina the Sword Princess, Light Novel, Translation
SS v6ch8 Translation Nations
New DE Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 18 Wuxiaworld
Desolate Era


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